Florida Drug Free Workplace

Did you know that you can reduce your workers comp premiums in the State of Florida by 5% by having a drug free workplace?

The most recent DEA statistics show that approximately 74% of adults who use illegal drugs are employed. With those kind of numbers, there is a strong likelihood your workplace employs someone who may become a liability to you. Our goal is to reduce your exposure to liability, sanctions, non-compliance fines, and the potential loss of business.

A Florida drug free workplace, where drug tests are in place have many benefits including reducing workplace injury rates by 51% within two years of implementing the program.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and morale
  • Reduce tardiness, absenteeism and sick time
  • Improve safety and provide a safer work environment
  • Hire better employees and enjoy less turnover
  • Reduce insurance premiums and claims


  • Develop a Florida Drug Free Workplace and DOT Policy
  • Train supervisors and managers to spot potential problems
  • Educate employees on-site and provide online training
  • Provide recovery an support service referrals
  • Provide initial and ongoing drug and alcohol testing
  • Provide employment screening and background checks

You can have complete confidence in USA MDT Services as we are:

  • Accredited DNA Laboratory
  • After Hours and Weekend Services
  • SAMSHA Certified Labs
  • Florida Onsite mobile drug testing Certified Staff
  • Insured for Errors and Omissions