Drugs of Abuse

Understanding the various drugs of abuse which are commonly used in the workplace is an important role of the supervisor. Each page includes a brief overview, street and clinical names along with the effects of the drugs on the mind and body:

Recent Blog Posts

NLCP NOTICE | Labs Must Verify Conflicting Information on CCFs

As a result of issues raised in a recent inspection, the National Laboratory Certification Program issued a notice concerning the Federal Drug Testing Custody Control Form (CCF) containing incorrect Medical Review Officer information. The notice states that laboratories must verify ... Read More »

FTA Conducts Clandestine Inspections

Since 2009, the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) has been running a full-out clandestine inspection program on drug and alcohol testing collection sites. Under the auspices of this program, which is performed jointly with the FMCSA, agents, posing as employees or ... Read More »

METH: How is it Impacting Your Workplace?

Although it can be and has been used by anyone, the use of methamphetamine (or meth), when it’s found in the workplace, has primarily been associated with white, blue-collar workers.  Users may partake of this drug in the mistaken belief ... Read More »
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