How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

The new year has arrived and you have already drawn up your resolutions. How can you stick to your plan?

1. Put it all on paper. Write your resolutions down and keep them in an accessible place – your journal, your mirror, your refrigerator door.

2. Mark your calendar. Set deadlines for yourself to tackle each step toward reaching your goals.

3. Start as soon as possible. Go out and buy the necessary equipment or literature you. Call now and set up the appointments you’ll need to get started.

4. Find a role model. Is there any one you know who has reached your goal? Use them as a reminder that it can be done.

5. Check your progress regularly and reward yourself for your efforts.

6. Inform your friends and family of your goals and enlist their support.

And remember – don’t sweat the setbacks; persistence is the key to success

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