Is a current and valid picture/photo identification required before a urine collection takes place or can a physical description verification by telephone by an employer representative suffice?

If telephone identification is used, specific procedures should be in place to ensure that the employer representative is fully identified to the collection site person and that reasonable procedures exist to ensure that the employer’s representative can truly identify the employee. If the employee’s identification cannot be established to the satisfaction of the collection site person (or based on the collection site protocol for identification), the collection should not be completed. Additionally, any identification procedure allowed under specific DOT operating administration’s rules is also permissible.

However, if an owner/operator or other self-employed individual does not have proper identification, the collector should record in the remarks section that positive identification is not available. The owner/operator must be asked to provide two items of identification bearing his/her signature. The collector then proceeds with the collection. When the owner/operator signs the certification statement, the collector compares the signature on the CCF with signatures on the identification presented. If the signatures appear consistent, the collection process continues. If the signature does not match signatures on the identification presented, the collector makes an additional note in remarks section stating “signature identification is unconfirmed.”

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