May a consortium or Third Party Administrator keep the required records for a DOT drug & alcohol testing program?

Yes, as an employer you may arrange to have a consortium or third party administrator keep some or all of your records. You do not have to maintain a duplicate set of records, but ultimately, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure procedures are in place that guarantee accurate and current records are saved according to DOT regulations.

After a request has been made by an authorized representative of the appropriate DOT agency, records need to be made available for inspection at the employer’s principal place of business. Please refer to the DOT agency regulation to determine the time frame records need to be made available.

For more information on record keeping and other DOT regulations, please view our Regulations Manual on the Dashboard:

Resources / Regulations Manual / 1.9 DOT Recordkeeping Requirements

Keep in mind that you as a USAMDT franchisee acting as a TPA can charge a fee for this service.  The fee would depend on the size of the company, it could be included in a Shield Program pricing matrix or perhaps anywhere from $25.00 to $200.00 per quarter.  Utilizing the new USAMDT® Powered by i3screen system, many of the required records will be available to you electronically and easily accessible on the web based system. 

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