Model Plan for a Comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace Program

A Comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace Program

The pervasive problems of drugs in the workplace has resulted in employers implementing policies that encourage a drug-free workplace. Policies include preventive healthcare programs that focus on good health through proper exercise, diet and recreational activities. These programs help employers determine potential problems among employees regarding drugs. Employees can also do their part in implementing workplace activities among their associates, such as focus groups and regular discussions that create the basis of a drug-free workplace program.

Encourage a Drug-Free Work Environment

Coordination of efforts between employees and employers are necessary in order to create a comprehensive drug-free workplace program. Employers can delegate the duty of planning various awareness programs to employees who display an interest in encouraging a drug-free work environment. Many businesses already maintain a drug-free policy for employees and visitors to their premises as a measure of safety and protection from liability. It’s important for employees to actively seek out competent workplace programs and discuss them with their employers.

Check Company Policy Regarding a Drug-Free Work Environment

Before employees can institute a drug-free program, they should check their company’s existing policies and review them carefully to insure they are thorough and fully implemented. If there are questionable aspects of the company’s policy, employees can offer suggestions to the employer regarding additional enhancements.

Full Employee Participation in a Drug-Free Program

Depending on the type of business and the number of employees involved, full-employee participation in a drug-free workplace program is necessary for successful implementation. Discretion should be a focus of these programs in order not to increase employer liability. The program should include all employees and employers for best results.

The Cost-effective Way to Create A Drug-Free Workplace Program

Most employees can make suggestions regarding the policies and implementation of a drug-free program. The most cost-effective way to create a drug-free workplace is to suggest that the employer hire a professional mobile drug testing service. Their services can be reviewed before discussions with employers take place. Allow employees to provide their personal input to assess their needs and the overall desirability of the services. These discussions can be part of regular preventive healthcare activities offered by the company or included in awareness programs and focus groups. Hiring a professional mobile drug testing service should be discussed with employers prior to hiring. Employers need to know the frequency of drug testing services and the costs.