Requiring Drug and Alcohol Tests Can Reduce Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace

Employees who abuse alcohol or drugs in the workplace can pose serious threats to their company and coworkers. This is because when people are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are not as responsive as they should be. Since they are not as responsive, they are much more likely to create and/or become involved in accidents.

Why Businesses Need to Identify Abusers

Employees who use drugs and alcohol on the job can create many difficult situations for businesses, to say the least. In many cases, abusers can create large and unnecessary expenses for their organizations as well. Some of these expenses may include loss in productivity, increases in accidents and injuries, and increases in health insurance claims.

With all of that said, anyone can see how important it is for employers to identify abusers on the job. When employers can identify problems early on, they can avoid any of the above problems. The best way to identify employees who are abusing drugs and/or alcohol is to require the company’s workforce and applicants to undergo drug andalcohol testing.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Can Reduce Accidents

According to studies performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, employees who work under the influence are almost four times more likely to become involved in a work-related accident. Additionally, they are as much as five times more likely to file workers’ compensation claims.

The reason that employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol cause more accidents than their coworkers is because they have a low level of concentration, and they take much longer to react in various situations. Their motor muscles are often impaired, which can lead to accidents involving operating machinery or vehicles.

This can result in injuries not only to the employee who is abusing drugs and alcohol, but it can result in injuries to coworkers and bystanders as well. For employers to avoid these situations, it is recommended that they conduct regular alcohol and drug testing of all employees and applicants.

Increased Confidence and Work Efficiency

Regular testing of a company’s workforce and its candidates can also increase the confidence and work efficiency of existing employees. This is because they will not have to worry about any accidents occurring due to intoxicated coworkers. By conductingpre-employment and random tests, businesses can determine if someone may be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Can Increase Productivity

It is a fact that businesses depend on the productivity of their employees for them to succeed. When employees do not use drugs or alcohol, they are much more likely to show up for work on time and complete their tasks as they should. This will help to improve their productivity and increase the company’s profits.

Creating a Drug-Free Workplace

Employees who work under the influence can impact the workplace environment quite negatively, indeed. They can also reduce the overall morale of the company’s workforce. Thus, it is essential for employers to detect these individuals by using drug and alcohol tests.

A drug-free workplace can significantly increase the overall performance of a business’s entire workforce. When businesses are drug-free they will also see an increase in such things as professionalism, discipline, motivation, quality of work and productivity.

Drug and Alcohol Tests are Easy to Use

In the past, employers had no choice but to send employees and applicants to a doctor for alcohol and drug testing. However, today they can now purchase testing kits and perform the tests in the workplace. These tests are FDA-approved, reliable, affordable and extremely easy to use.

When employers strive to maintain a drug-free workplace, they will find that their employees will have more confidence. Additionally, drug-free employees will produce more, which will help their organization increase profits and become successful. There are many benefits to drug and alcohol tests, and these are just a few.