What are the employee categories for each of the DOT agencies?

FMCSA: (one category):  Driver

FAA: (eight categories):  Flight Crewmember; Flight Attendant; Flight Instructor; Aircraft Dispatcher; Aircraft Maintenance; Ground Security Coordinator; Aviation Screener; Air Traffic Controlled

PHMSA: (one category):  Operation / Maintenance / Emergency Response

FRA: (five categories):  Engine Service; Train Service; Dispatcher/Operation; Signal Service; Other [Includes yardmasters, hostlers (non-engineer craft), bridge tenders; switch tenders, and other miscellaneous employees performing 49 CFR 228.5 (c) defined covered service.]

USCG: (one category): Crewmember

FTA: (five categories): Revenue Vehicle Operation; Revenue Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance; Revenue Vehicle Control/Dispatch; CDL/Non-Revenue; Armed Security Personnel.

Note: When importing employees for DOT random testing, the exact employee categories must be utilized.

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