What Types of Industries Enforce Drug Testing?

Drug testing in the workplace has become quite common in almost every sector today. Not only do drug tests prove valuable in maintaining a safe and secure work environment, but they are also mandatory in many job industries. When people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can be a safety risk to themselves, their coworkers and even bystanders.

Here are a few industries that test for drugs…

Truck Drivers

There are many sectors that enforce drug tests, and one such sector is the commercial trucking industry. This is because drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol can pose serious safety risks to themselves, other drivers and bystanders. Truck drivers are essential to the country, in that they deliver valuable products from one location to another.

However, semi-trucks are extremely large, and they can often carry hazardous materials such as fuel and other toxic liquids. As such, drivers must be fully aware at all times. They must abide by transportation standards as set by the Department of Transportation. When drivers operate trucks while they are under the influence, they can cause accidents, damage their goods, and injure or even kill other people.

Other Transportation Professions

Truck driving is not the only transportation industry that requires regular drug testing of employees and applicants. There are many other professions that require it as well including airline pilots, bus drivers, train operators, subway drivers, boat operators, firemen, ambulance drivers, EMT workers and policemen.

People who work in these professions can cost their companies a lot of money if they work while under the influence. These jobs require excellent reflexes and a level head at all times. As such, people in these professions are required to submit to such things asbackground checks, credit checks and drug tests.

Technical Professions

Industries that require technical skills often require mandatory drug tests as well. This can include such professions as fork lift drivers, mechanics and other people who operate or work on heavy equipment. These people must know what they are doing at all times or else they could be the cause of serious accidents or injuries.

Some other professions in the technical sector include people who are responsible for building such things as airplanes, cars and trucks, commercial trucks and equipment, and ships. These people must produce quality products, and if they are under the influence, they can make mistakes that could cause serious accidents, injuries and even deaths.

Medical Professions

People who work in the medical field are responsible for administering care and medicine to individuals who are injured or sick. These professions include such positions as nurses, doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, emergency medical technicians, nursing assistants, pharmacists and pharmacist assistants.

These people must be able to make the right decisions at all times. If they do not, it could mean the difference between patients getting better, getting sicker or even dying. When people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their decision-making abilities are significantly impaired.

Is Drug Testing Necessary?

Drug tests are highly beneficial in that they help employers ensure that their employees and applicants are not abusing drugs and/or alcohol. While many people think that drug tests are an invasion of their privacy, they hold many terrific benefits to businesses of all sectors.

Drug tests are essential to help businesses make sure that their employees will not pose any safety risks to their companies, coworkers or others. Drug tests can also increase employees’ morale and productivity while on the job. While regular testing may not deter all employees from using drugs, it can help employers locate abusers and weed them out.