Why Florida Onsite Drug Testing?

Florida Onsite is a national mobile drug testing company providing the best drug, alcohol and screening services available to our customers (businesses, schools, sports organizations and others) through an efficient franchise system.

We help customers succeed by delivering responsive, cost-effective, support-focused solutions. And by being a “to your door” mobile service, we eliminate your employee downtime and increase productivity.

From drug-free workplace programs to paternity DNA testing and from backgrounds checks to fingernail testing, Florida Onsite provides the widest possible range of services collected at YOUR location and delivered confidentially and electronically following HIPAA guidelines.

No other drug testing service can provide this range of services directly to you.

Some of our Key Benefits To You Are:

  • Excellent Customer Service. Our strong values include accurate, reliable and responsive customer service.
  • Experienced, Well-Trained Staff. The dedication, quality and stability of our staff will provide your franchise with an experienced, well-trained support system.
  • Web-Based, Electronic Infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art computer platform provides an easy to use, secure Internet-based infrastructure.
  • Easy to Use Systems. Internet-based services put daily business activities at your fingertips
  • Quality and Value. We embrace our responsibility to our customers so we provide the best quality and value possible

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