Why should my company be a drug free workplace?

More businesses today are making use of drug tests to ensure that their employees and applicants are not abusing drugs or alcohol. There has been much controversy over the use of drug testing in the workplace, with many people saying that the practice is an invasion of people’s privacy. However, there is a vast array of benefits to maintaining a drug free workplace, and the following benefits are just a few.

Obvious Benefits

There are a couple of obvious benefits to using drug tests in the workplace. For one thing, no employer wants their employees to show up for work drunk or under the influence of drugs. It simply is not professional or good for business. Additionally, statistics show that people who drink or use drugs have a much greater chance of being making mistakes or getting injured. Of course, this could create quite a problem in the workplace.

Decreases Employee Turnover

There are many factors that help businesses become successful. One of those factors is low employee turnover. It takes a lot of time and even money to train new employees and get them to the point where they know their jobs well. Thus, it goes without saying that managers do not want to replace employees on a continual basis.

It is much more cost-efficient for businesses to hire employees that will be with them for several years in the future. People who abuse drugs and/or alcohol are often much less reliable than non-abusers, and they are much more likely to quit or get fired due to low performance. Implementing drug tests in the workplace can eliminate this problem.

Maintains a Safe Work Environment

There are some forms of employment where safety is of the utmost importance. These jobs often include positions in such areas as construction, firefighting, warehouses and law enforcement. Employers in these sectors cannot risk having employees working for them who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Both drugs and alcohol can significantly reduce a person’s reaction time, which can cause some serious safety issues in the above professions. Even positions in such places as offices and department stores have various safety concerns. Accidents can occur in these places as well, such as falls, cuts and fallen objects.

Increases Employee Productivity

Another factor of a successful business is employee productivity. For a company to be truly successful, they need to hire employees who can be highly productive at all times. Some of the ways that employers encourage productivity include offering decent wages, raises and incentives.

Another way that employers can increase productivity is to maintain a drug free workplace. Drug tests can help managers be sure that they are hiring only those applicants who will be reliable, show up for work on time, work efficiently and accomplish their daily goals while on the job.

Adhering to Legal Requirements

Businesses that require employees to drive cars, trucks or heavy equipment may be legally required to conduct regular drug testing on their employees and applicants. This is especially true of CDL drivers. The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration is a governing organization of the Department of Transportation.

The FMCSA sets the standards for policies concerning drug testing in the workplace. They regulate most all industries that require CDL drivers, with the exception of farming. Additionally, the DOT performs periodic audits of these companies and can fine any businesses that do not adhere to this policy.

It can be quite difficult for businesses in any sector to obtain worker’s compensation insurance if they do not administer drug tests. While some businesses may be able to obtain this insurance, it will cost them much more than it would if they had a drug testing program in place.

With drug tests becoming much more accessible and affordable to employers, it has become much easier for businesses to maintain a drug testing program. With so many terrific benefits to testing for drugs, anybody can see that it is a smart idea to test both employees and applicants regularly.