Employment Laws Got You Tied Up in Knots?

Have you postponed starting a drug testing program because of uncertainties about what employment laws will or will not allow?

American’s With Disabilities Act, National Labor Relations Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Drug Free Workplace Act – these laws and many others create a complicated web of rules and procedures that are difficult to keep up with.  Because of this, many employers have not begun drug testing their employees.  So how do you make sure that your program will follow these complex and numerous rules and regulations?

The first step is to create a Drug Free Workplace Policy.  At USAMDT of the Treasure Coast, our Certified Compliance Agents are well versed in all these laws and can work with you to create a customized Drug-Free Workplace policy that fits your company and assures compliance with all relevant regulations.  In addition to stating what kinds of drug tests will be conducted, when the tests will take place and who will be subject to them, your personalized policy will ensure that your drug-testing program will comply with all state and federal laws governing employment and fair workplace practices.

Having a drug-free workplace is critical.  Your employees must know that that the use of illegal substances will not be tolerated in your company and that people cannot report to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Don’t delay any longer – your business is at stake.  Call us today at 678-804-7225 and get compliant today!

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