FTA Conducts Clandestine Inspections

Since 2009, the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) has been running a full-out clandestine inspection program on drug and alcohol testing collection sites.

Under the auspices of this program, which is performed jointly with the FMCSA, agents, posing as employees or prospective employees, allow themselves to be tested at collection sites. Since the sites do not know they’re being inspected, the agents can personally witness the steps and protocols that are in place, the security of the site, and the amount of training that has taken place.

After the inspection, the FTA issues a formal report, known as a Notice of Corrective Action (NOCA). The report is sent directly to the collection site manager who has 60-days to respond.  After the manager responds, the FTA evaluates the changes he or she has made.

If the manager does not respond within the 60 day deadline, or the improvements are deemed unsatisfactory, the FTA issues a Notice of Proposed Exclusion (NOPE) declaring that the FTA intends to prohibit the business from conducting any US DOT-regulated drug or alcohol testing for a period lasting up to five years.

This program of clandestine inspection has resulted in several businesses receiving NOPE letters.  As a result, per 49 CPR Part 40 Subpart R; the FTA is pursuing Public Interest Exclusions (PIEs) against these businesses.

If you’re concerned about the collection site you use, you might want to visit the facility and do a walkthrough of the procedures and protocols.  Be sure to always monitor the paper work that comes in from the company.

Florida On Site Drug Testing collectors always follow proper protocols and procedures to the letter.  With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your collectors are always performing according to 49 CPR Part 40 and all DOT’s regulations.  Call us today at 800-757-9307 or contact us at floridamobiledrugtesting.com  Our certified professionals are standing by.

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